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Expert Advice from Lloyd at a Bargain Price via — Limited Time Offer

brings together experts with those needing the expertise.

For a limited time, I am offering my at a greatly reduced rate for first-time consulting clients versus my usual $280 first-hour fee, because I want to try the WhenHub experience for usefulness to me [20% off for continuing clients e.g., $160/hour].

Like a doctor, my fee is not so much about time as the deep reservoir of experience so that can cut right to the key issues and solve them for you, saving you both time and money and mistakes, which are far more expensive.

The second reason for this offer is that I want to accumulate some WHEN crypto tokens. And that’s the catch: you do have to pay me in WHEN token, which can be bought easily at No minimum time of engagement.

Getting started

The interaction is via an app on your phone or table, with video/sound.

  1. Purchase some WHEN tokens.
  2. Contact lloyd in advance* so I can alter the pricing appropriately, prior to our connection.

* does not allow me (at least not yet) to set pricing differently for different areas of expertise,

Areas of expertise

Choose any of these areas, or anything you'd like, presumably stuff you’ve read in my blog over the years.

$70/hour for up to first hour (75% off). Price in dollars below means the equivalent WHEN tokens at time of engagement.

  • Photography: which system to choose, lenses, cameras, technique, post-processing, etc. Maybe you want to discuss a whole system choice, or maybe just which 85mm lens—anything.
  • Computers for photographers: model, memory, CPU, GPU, to optimize Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • Data organization, backup, , fault-tolerance, best practices for this and more. Oriented towards those who don’t want to ever lose their Stuff at home/office or traveling.
  • Considerations in features and design, including state of the battery/electrical.
  • Where/when to shoot in Yosemite or the White Mountains, what to wear/take/best time, etc.
  • — my perspective and findings based on my own journey might help you or add hope! [always confer with your doctor, I do NOT give medical advice]. Even a little perspective might help you! Nominal fee of $10/hour for discussion up to an hour, $50/hour thereafter. I’m doing this to help others, not to make any meaningful money, that’s so the first hour is cheap.

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